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World CTX Award

The World CTX Award

The World CTX Award is conferred annually to an eminent personality who has contributed substantially to the understanding and development of Carbon Resource Conversion.

2017 Award

On February 13, the Advisory Board elected Dr. Yao Min, Deputy General Manager of Shenhua Ningxia Coal Group, as the 2017 World CTX Recipient.

The presentation ceremony took place on March 29, 2017 in Beijing.

Yao MinDr. Yao Min

Dr. Yao Min reached outstanding achievements along his career, successively in R&D in gasification, in operations in various Coal To X plants, before reaching his present management level, where he has been instrumental in the success of Shenhua Ningxia’s Coal To Liquids start-up.

As the Deputy General Manager of Shenhua Ningxia Coal Group Co., Dr. Yao Min engages in the management, industrial production and scientific research of large-scale coal chemical industry projects.

Born in 1965, he got a master degree and a Ph.D. degree from Xi’an University of Science and Technology. He was then rated as an Outstanding Young Entrepreneur in Ningxia.

Since 2007, he held the following positions within Shenhua Ningxia Coal Group:
– Factory Director and Secretary of the Party Committee in methanol plant;
– Chairman and Secretary of the Party Committee in the Olefin Company;
– General Manager, Deputy Secretary of Party Committee of coal chemical industry plant, as well as Chairman of the Olefin Company;
– Deputy General Manager;
– Deputy General Manager, and Commander in-chief of coal conversion to oil projects.

Before, he had been involved in several Research and Development projects in gasification and chemical processes. He has applied for 146 patents, registered more than 44 items of research achievements and published 6 scientific research papers. With his teams, he has carried out 7 National Science and Technology Support Projects, 1 International Cooperation Project, 3 Autonomous Region Science and Technology Research Plans.

World CTX Award Recipients

– 2016: Mr. Jona Pillay, Executive director for Gasification & CTL, Jindal Steel & Power Ltd, India

– 2015: Dr. Yang Yong, Director of R&D Center and Deputy General Manager of Synfuels China, China

– 2014: Dr. Wu Xiuzhang, Chairman of China Shenhua Coal to Liquid and Chemical Company Limited and Vice Chief Engineer of Shenhua Group Corporation Limited, China

– 2013: Mr. Max-Michael Weiss, Director Innovation, Clean Conversion of Air Liquide Global Engineering & Construction Solutions, Germany

– 2012: Dr. Shu Geping, Chief Engineer of China Shenhua Coal to Liquid & Chemical Ordos Coal Liquefaction Company, China

– 2011: Mr. Rudi Heydenrich, Executive Manager of Sasol Technology, South Africa.

– 2010: Mr. Zhang Jiming, Vice President of China Shenhua Coal To Liquid and Chemical, China.

– 2009: Dr. Theo Lee, Chief Technology Officer of Headwaters CTL, USA.

– 2008: Dr. Sadao Wasaka, Executive Director of the New Energy and Industry Technology Organization or NEDO, Japan.

IMG_6435 Award LD2016
Mr. Jona Pillay (center)
Dr. Yang Yong (center)

Dr. Wu Xiuzhang

Mr. Max Weiss (right)
Shu Geping2012
Dr. Shu Geping

Mr. Rudi Heydenrich (right)

Mr. Zhang Jiming

Dr. Theo Lee

Dr. Sadao Wasaka (left)