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Hao Daijun

Hao Daijun
Dr. Hao Daijun is Chief Engineer of the Research & Development Center of Sinopec Engineering Group.

After serving with Luoyang Petrochemical Engineering Corporation (Sinopec Group) since 1988, he was promoted to Deputy Chief Engineer and Director of Refining Process Research Department in 2007. Since 2014, he has been employed by Sinopec Engineering Group as Chief Engineer of Luoyang R&D Center of Technology.

He has been engaged in the development and applications of FCC additives for olefin reduction in gasoline and increase production of propylene, light hydrocarbon aromatization, process for gasoline or aromatics and development of methanol conversion process technology.

Dr. Hao got his Bachelor degree in chemistry from Shandong University in 1985, his Master degree in physical chemistry from Shandong University in 1988 and his PhD in chemical engineering and technology from China University of Petroleum (Beijing) in 2007.