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John Duddy

John DuddyJohn Duddy is Director, Heavy Oil and Coal Technology at Axens North America Inc.

John started his career with Exxon Research and Engineering in 1976 working initially in process engineering for heavy oil hydro-processing and conversion. He joined Hydrocarbon Research Inc. (HRI) in 1980, at the time of the start-up of the H-Coal demonstration plant in Catlettsburg, Kentucky. He participated in the plant Technical Advisory Committee and worked on various commercial development activities.

In 1985, he became more involved in coal liquefaction research and development activities and directed HRI’s coal/oil co-processing development programs. After HRI acquisition by Institut Francais du Petrole (IFP) in 1995, he has worked on a wide range of refining projects with a focus on heavy oil and coal technologies. In 2002, he directed the Basis Engineering activity at Axens for the Shenhua Direct Coal Liquefaction Plant, which was started in 2008 and today has met all operational targets.

John graduated with a BS degree in Chemical Engineering from Drexel University located in Philadelphia in 1976.