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Li Bengao

Li BengaoPr. Li Bengao is Director of Water Treatment Center of Sinopec, China

Pr. Li first worked in R&D on lubricant additives with the Research Institute of Petroleum (1982-85), then from 1988 he has been engaged in industrial cooling water treatment, industrial wastewater treatment and reuse, research and development on oilfield chemical agents.

In 1997, he was appointed Director of China Petrochemical Water Treatment Center and Research Institute of Petroleum Research Office 25. In 1998, he became professor level senior engineer.

In 1982, he graduated with Bachelor of Petroleum and Chemical Engineering from Dalian University of Technology. In 1988, he got a Master of Applied Chemistry, Beijing University of Chemical Technology. In 2007, he got his PhD in Applied Chemistry from the Petrochemical Research Institute.

Pr. Li has applied for 145 patents in China and overseas. He has been rewarded with the National Science and Technology Progress Award.