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Men Zhuowu NICE

Speaker CTX 2017
Dr. Men Zhuowu is Manager of the Reaction Engineering Department of the National Institute of Clean and Low Carbon Energy (NICE).

He first engaged in R&D on hydrogenation technology and indirect coal liquefaction technology at SINOPEC Research Institute of Petroleum Processing. He moved to the Beijing Research Institute of China Shenhua Coal to Liquid and Chemical Corporation Ltd.

Now, he is in charge of R&D of indirect coal to liquid technology. With his team, he has developed the hydro-upgrading technology for direct coal liquefaction oils, which has been successfully applied to the demonstration direct coal liquefaction project of Shenhua, and a new catalyst for Fischer-Tropsch synthesis, which has been successfully applied to Shenhua’s 180kt tons/a indirect coal liquefaction plant.

Dr. Men Zhuowu received his Ph. D from China University of Petroleum in 2000. He won the Sun Yueqi Youth Science and Technology Award in 2006.