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Pang Rui Sinopec

Pang Rui Sinopec
Pang Rui is Vice Director of Process Department of Sinopec Ningbo Engineering Company Limited (SNEC)

In his 18 year career, he has accumulated a solid experience through many engineer positions:

– Engineering Manager at Zhongtianhechuang Ordos Coal-chemical Project Gasification & Purification Plant
– Chief Engineer Zhongan Coal to Olifen Project Gasification & Purification Plant
– Engineering Manager Sinopec Jiujiang Coal to Hydrogen Project
– Process Manager Shenhua Ordos SNG Project
– Engineering Manager Cuba New Matanzas Refinery Project IGCC Plant
– Process leader for Fujian Refining &Ethylene Project POX/COGEN Complex FEED
– Chief Engineer BASF Yinchuan Mega Methanol Project
– Chief Engineer ZPC Refinery & Ethylene Project Coal (Coke) to Hydrogen & Fuel Gas
– Chief Engineer Sinopec Qilu Company oil products quality upgrading and Energy Economization of Hydrogen Resource Revamp Project

Pang Rui graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Chemical Engineering from Northwestern University (Illinois, USA) in 1999.