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Serge Perineau

Serge Perineau is the President of World Coal To X and AXEN Consulting.

Previously to founding AXEN, Serge was General Manager of GEO Gallium, the world leader in Gallium. From 1986 to 1999, he had served as Sales Manager, Production Manager, Contract Manager and finally SBU General Manager within SOLVAY.

He has been primarily engaged in the oil industry with TOTAL Exploration and Production, before receiving an MBA from HEC Paris, including a semester at the Wharton School (University of Pennsylvania, USA).

He is an engineer, graduated from Ecole Polytechnique Paris, with an internship at Charbonnages de France, the French coal national company, and IFP School, a part of the French Institute of Petroleum.

Serge is a member of the World Energy Council Committee on Cleaner Fossil Fuels Systems and of the Advisory Council of the UCG Association.