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Yao Min Shenhua

Yao Min
Dr. Yao Min is Deputy General Manager of Shenhua Ningxia Coal Group

Dr. Yao Min started his career in R&D where he worked in heat boiling, gasification, DME synthesis, methanol/DME catalysts, Coal To Olefins. Since 2007 with Shenhua Ningxia, he held positions in factory management and party committee management before reaching his present position, where he is fully involved in the success of Shenhua Ningxia’s Coal To Liquids start-up.

Dr. Yao got a master degree and a Ph.D. degree from Xi’an University of Science and Technology.

He has been rated as an Outstanding Young Entrepreneur in Ningxia. He has applied for 146 patents, registered more than 44 items of research achievements and published 6 scientific research papers. With his teams, he has carried out 7 National Science and Technology Support Projects, 1 International Cooperation Project, 3 Autonomous Region Science and Technology Research Plans.

Dr. Yao won the 2017 World CTX Award. More information at