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Zhang Junchi Sinopec

Mr. Zhang Junchi is the Director of Coal Conversion Department at SINOPEC Great Wall Energy and Chemical Co., LTD.

In 2012, He served as vice-chief engineer at SINOPEC NingBo Engineering Co and chief engineer of research institute. He held design manager and chief technology manager positions in numerous projects, such as Baling petrochemical and gas purification devices, Qilu petrochemical resources optimization, Jiujiang petrochemical Hydrogen production. Meanwhile, he took part in projects registered by science department of SINOPEC in respect of gasification, synthetic gas purification, methanol synthesis and ammonia synthesis. He joined SINOPEC Great Wall Energy and Chemical in 2013. Serving as the director of Coal Conversion Department, he is responsible for operation and technology management of large coal chemical industry plants.

He got his chemical engineering bachelor degree from China University of Petroleum in 1994.

He applied for various invention patents. He won the title of Zhejiang Provincial Model Worker in 2009.